Domestic Tesla Powerwall installations  


At Steve Duckworth Electrical we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and quality of installation. Our approach to all the work we carry out ensures that our customers are totally satified with the installation of their system. We are  very proud to have been selected by Tesla, as one of the first companies in the country to be allowed to install their fantastic Powerwall battery system. 

The photo opposite shows Steve receiving an award for customer staisfaction, presented  by the main man at Tesla UK. 

The Benefits of having a Tesla Powerwall installed:

Increased self-consumption of solar power generation – Powerwall can store surplus solar energy during daylight hours and use that energy  when the PV system is generating below your consumption. Powerwall can store 13.5kW and will charge and discharege at 5kW. 5kW could run both a washing and a dryer at the same time without the need to rely on the grid.  

Time Based Control – Powerwall  can charge during low rate electriciy tariff periods (Economy 7, 10 or Smart Meter Tariffs) and discharge during more expensive rate periods. This facility means you don’t have to have Solar PV if your property isn't suitable. 

Backup - The Tesla Backup Gateway now allows the home owner to keep the electricity on during a power cut, this facility also lets the Solar PV system charge the Powerwall with any surplus generation thus it could be possilbe to be “Off Grid” for several days. 

Powerwall now has “Storm Watch” this automatically charges the Powerwal to 100% when a named Storm is heading to the UK’s shores, this facility makes sure the Powerwall is ready to power your home should there be a Power Cut. 


Smart Phone App'

Powerwall comes with an App for your smart phone or tablet. The App allows you to see the real time, state of charge, self consumption and Solar PV generation. It is also possible to see your home’s historic information on generation, consumption, self consumtpion and grid usage/export. The App is also where you will setup your system to charge and discharge at specified times of the day, using the Time-Based Control and Utility Rate Plan, it will then charge at off peak rates and dischage at higher rates. The Backup Reserve is also set using the app, this allows you to alter the amount of energy kept in the Powerwall, keep more if your property is susceptible to power cuts or adjust the amount up if there is a planned power off by your DNO. Storm watch is also controlled from the app, this facitilty is where a named strom is heading to the UK, your Powerwall will automically charge up to 100% using the grid so in the case of a power outage you have a full battery avaialble.

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App Framed-Home-Settings-Graph

Powerwall - is coupled directly to an AC supply. This allows the battery to charge from the excess Solar Power or from the Off Peak Grid. It also enables the Tesla Powerwall 2 to be retro fitted to any existing electrical installation with or without  a Solar PV system. We can provide solutions for most situations, please drop us a line or ring  to discuss your requirements. 

Operation animation

Typical installation diagram:


The aim of installing a battery system is to use as much of the energy produced by your Solar PV system in your home.  As you can see by the graph below, our client is maximising the system so that they still have energy stored in their battery in the morning. The only energy bought is where you can see the peaks in red.  This graph shows the energy usage for this client on the 4th July 2016, if you would like to see more information like this or discuss the systems available please contact us. 


Just a small selection of our Powerwall installations.